Local Study by CWC Shows That Your Clothes Dryer is a Microplastics Exhaust Pipe

Kirsten Kapp, a professor here at CWC in Jackson, did a study that showed that microplastics from our clothing are being dispersed into our yards by our clothes dryers! She sampled snow and analyzed it for the presence of microfibers. She saw that, as expected, the amount decreased relative to the distance from the dryer’s exhaust pipe. However, she detected them at her furthest distance sampled à 30 feet!

The full article was published in the peer-reviewed article in Plos One on October 7, 2020: https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0239165

A summary of the article is presented by Jeff Kart at (October 8, 2020): https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffkart/2020/10/08/your-clothes-dryer-is-a-microfiber-exhaust-pipe/#19e18ea73c12

Restaurants get a shoutout for straw reduction

Julie Deardorff, the volunteer coordinator, said about 45 restaurants are working to cut back or eliminate plastic straws. The Straw Free Jackson Hole stickers, made locally by Stinky Prints, are bestowed on each restaurant with a little ceremony. Read more about it here >

SFJH’s first plogging event was a huge earth day success!

Jackson Hole’s first plogging (jogging while picking up trash) event was on Earth Day. It was held at the high school and the cross country/track team participated. They ran along south park loop and collected 33 bags of trash. After sorting is we had almost 10 bags of recyclables. We used reusable bags from Road to Zero Wast JH and students from the Journey’s school made running bibs and signs from items bound for the landfill.

Town of Jackson Bag Ban Ordinance

In January of 2019, the Town of Jackson passed an ordinance banning the free distribution of single-use plastic bags. Read more about the ordinance here >